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Finding skilled specialists and executives is not just time-consuming – it is easy for a promising candidate to get lost in the flood of applications. Or worse still, weaknesses only surface after initial training on the job – and the search has to start from scratch again.

We support you through the entire recruitment process and only consider our job to be done when the trial period has come to a successful end.

This includes identifying suitable applicants via our network, placing advertisements or making direct approaches. From all these applicants, we then narrow down the field, carry out the first round of interviews, produce detailed performance profiles and make recommendations. You can contact us any time during the trial period as well.

Our clients benefit from:

Our unique specialisation
Thanks to proven knowledge of the sector we can determine your needs precisely and ask applicants exactly the right questions.

Extensive pool of candidates
Even before a job becomes available in your company, we have sifted through suitable, pre-interviewed candidates. So even when time is a crucial matter, vacancies are filled by the best candidate on short term notice.

Long-term partnership
We take time to understand your individual requirements and also take into account soft factors such as your corporate culture.

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Call-back service

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