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Consultants by conviction

Christian Röther and Axel Sonnenschein had both been working in recruitment consultancy for several years when they decided to form a business of their own back in 2007. Setting up Sunjob CONSULT was the obvious way to go given the ongoing lack of specialists in the renewable energy sector as well as both partners’ personal interest and enthusiasm in this forward-looking sector.

Christian Röther Founder and partner

Personalberater Erneuerbare Energien

With a background and apprenticeship in the industrial sector, Christian set up his first company – an internet start-up – back in the mid-1990s and was just as successful building it up as he was at selling it. He went on to study economics in Frankfurt and Marburg and joined a British firm of recruitment consultants in sales and marketing. Christian Röther looked after several sectors while there, managing a small team.

Personnel consulting for renewable energies since 2009


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